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All the baby are in kind shooting, genuine protection, please rest assured buyers to buy!


Product materials: solid wood + MDF + ultra-fiber PU leather + high-grade velvet

Product specifications: table 260 * 140 * 78cm, with our own formal waterproof fire-retardant luxury wallpaper, you can develop any logo logo logo!

Features: table weight 200 kg, the panel is very thick! Playing wooden frame transport 300 kg


Recommended: the best operation of more than 4 people moving, material heavy! To avoid the table broke, the people crush!

This product is a new upgrade section of high-end luxury wood Texas poker tables, new products! Excellent workmanship, design high-grade, materials, especially pay attention! Welcome customers and friends to consult, order!

Because the table is a big object! We can only have a security package of logistics! "Debon logistics" timeliness, security is good!

The special shape of the product, logistics companies have to hit the wooden transport, wood costs plus logistics and transportation costs, together with 500-600 yuan! Please friends who need this point! If you do not worry, you can choose "freight to pay"!





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At Dayoobrand Poker we take pride in our work and consider each table to be a masterpiece in its own right. Please take a look around at the different styles and types to choose from.

Each table has its own unique character and we strive to provide you with a table different than any other. If you have any questions, please contact us regarding an options not yet listed on the site.


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